Replica Bell & Ross WW2 Watch – An Updation of WW1?

Since the success of the our replica Bell & Ross WW 1,we put more attention in copying the WW2 since 2012 Baselworld,  the coolest of the new crop of military instrument inspired watches from Bell & Ross is based on a World War II era stopwatch that was designed to be strapped to a bomb operator’s leg. The rotating bezel, as well as pushers and crown were designed to be used with gloves while a specially trained crew member used careful timing to determine when to drop a bomb so that it would reach its target. Bell & Ross adopted the idea to create what I believe is their first ever regulator watch.


A first glance, our Bomber Regulator looks like a chronograph watch, but the single crown should easily remove that idea. Normally, a replica regulator watch has three dials in total (including two sub dials). Typically, the main dial is used for the minutes, while subdials are used for the hours and seconds. These watches are based on historic regulator clocks which were supposed to be highly accurate clocks people referenced in order to “regulate” other timepieces.

The dial is very legible and clear as per Bell & Ross aesthetic standards, but also has a unique aged look to it. Bell & Ross wanted the entire piece to look vintage, but also high quality. The dial is black with specs of red, that when mixed with the patina-style cream-colored markers and hands give an aged feel. Did you notice the red accent as part of the “0” indicator on the rotating bezel? The covert addition of red is a time-honored trick to making watches feel more sporty. The dial looks very cool and is complimented by the case and strap.

The replica Bomber Regulator is 49mm wide – but sits smaller on the wrist. The case is stainless steel which has been done in a sort of gun-metal PVD gray and sandblasted material. It really does look like a WWII tool. Bell & Ross is turning into an excellent movie prop department. The look is completed with the thick military brown calfskin leather strap.

The replica watch sits like a can on your wrist with lugs that turn down to wrap around your wrist. The onion-design crown is very well rendered and sits on the left of the case to prevent digging into your wrist.

Replica FLYBACK Bell & Ross BR-126 Blackbird


I like our replica BR-126, for it’s not square case and charming sub dials, it brings me ecstasies.

Replica Bell & Ross had a strong collection of new watches for 2014 at Baselworld. My personal favorite model is the BR-126 Blackbird in 2013 Baselworld, a limited edition model with a personality that is meant to honor the Bell & Ross as a brand. At first glance, this watch might look like just another color variation in the BR-126 collection, but it is not that at all.

Later 2013 we began to copy more  BR watcbes, but even today the professional diver and aviation style borrowed from Sinn remains. Watches from the two brands today are quite distinct, but if you love Sinn you’ll probably love Bell & Ross, and vice versa. So getting back to the BR 126 Blackbird, it all focuses around a movement that honors the famous Lemania 5100 movement (no longer made today), that was in a lot of Sinn watches about 20 years ago (and of course before that as well).

Replcia Lemania 5100 movement layout sometimes looks like a Valjoux 7750, but it is not. It featured central seconds and minute hands for the chronograph, and a 24 hour AM/PM indicator. The replica BR 126 Blackbird does not contain a Lemania function, but it does contain a Swiss ETA 2892 with a special module produced by Dubois Depraz that recreates the functions of the famed Lemania. Thus, the Bell & Ross BR 126 Blackbird has orange colored central seconds and minutes hands for the chronograph, as well as an orange hand for the subsidiary hours counter. The other two subdials are for the AM/PM indicator and the seconds indicator. Unlike most BR 126 models, there is also a sloped flange ring around the dial (with tachymeter scale) that offers a more expansive look. You should also notice that the hour and minute hands are styled after the BR01 Heritage watches. Last, the chronograph has a flyback function – which is a nice little piece of icing on the cake.

Most Bell & Ross BR-126 models came in 41mm diameter case, but our replica BR-126 Blackbird has a 43mm wide case. This larger case size gives the watch a more impressive look, but doesn’t go so far as to make it a “huge” watch. Bell & Ross’ famed square BR01 watch at 46mm wide is great, but Bell & Ross reports that the smaller 42mm wide BR03 is a better seller. In a round case at 43mm diameter, the BR-126 Blackbird will wear similarly. The replica black PVD case is simple in design but good looking, and it’s a thoroughly military style timepiece without glitz, but it does have a high level of refinement.

Replica Bell & Ross BR-123 GMT Watch Review

Some consumers state our replica BR-123 is unoriginal or call it derivative of original watches, as our replica BR-123 is an “inspired” design fueled by historic sport watches this is another well-curated treat from the French watchmaker. There is no getting around the simple fact that the BR 123 GMT 24H watch is a combination of Bell & Ross’s current round watch face design along with look of a Rolex Explorer II. Having said that, I do feel that the elements go together very well.

Our replica Bell & Ross has copied the large orange GMT hand of the Explorer II watch. Maybe I have a thing for Bell & Ross GMT watches but I equally liked the Bell & Ross BR 01-93 GMT piece that I reviewed here. The clean, legible looks of the purposeful tool-watch style and that large orange GMT hand look cool. It takes the watch into a real instrumental range making it feel like a navigational item more than a typical sport watch. The Explorer II-style steel bezel is retro-cool and adds to the vintage flair that Bell & Ross is known for playing with successfully.


A keen eye is required to notice as many smaller details as possible that make our BR-123 collection unique. One important element is the sapphire crystal which sits over the dial like a bowl similar to old acrylic crystals. This is a unique touch that I don’t recall seeing on previous BR 123 models, and it works particularly well with the bezel style.

The 42mm wide steel case is polished up nicely and it contrasts well with the brushed steel non-rotating GMT bezel. The bezel is thin which works well to emphasize the size of the dial and this is the first time Bell & Ross has emulated this bezel design in their watches. The bezel is also the only place to bear the 24 hour indicators leaving the dial relatively clean.

By now, more and more our customers associate this dial style with Bell & Ross, which is marked by the aviator style. In honor of further promoting legibility Bell & Ross correctly finished the hour markers with a brushed polish versus a more reflective mirror polish. This is exactly what helps dials offer more readability because it reduces glare and helps the eye spot the indexes in most lighting situations.

Replica Bell & Ross Make Vintage as Fashion


Our replica Bell & Ross retreats into the history of timepieces to create more “vintage, original, and heritage” timepieces, we see an increasingly interesting range of retro designs as only Bell & Ross can do it.  And now, our replica Bell & Ross has gone all the way back to the origins of the wrist watch with the “WW1.” The name means “wrist watch 1,” but not so ironically sounds like world war I. This is the era when wrist watches really began – so the name sort of has a double meaning.

The WW1 is a different feeling Bell & Ross, and treads into new territory. The concept of the piece is based on how some of the first wrist watches were modified pocket watches. To compound this idea, Bell & Ross has also released a pocket watch version called the PW1. The pocket watch won’t sell as well as the wrist watch, but is a good visual reminder of how you are meant to think of both pocket watch and wrist watch when looking at the WW1.

Like a pocket watch the case is very rounded and pebble-like. This causes it feels less dense than much of what Bell & Ross offers. The steel case is polished all over and curved with a matching curved sapphire crystal. Lugs are done in the style of those that were once melted to the sides of pocket watches to make them wrist watches. Bell & Ross takes pride in this aspect of the watch and I think they did a good job with it. One cool aspect is that it is not a solid bar, but rather looks like one. The middle section is actually a spring bar – this makes changing straps much easier than if you needed to unscrew the bar.

There is also a replica PW1 pocket watch, which is pretty large at 49mm wide and comes complete with a chain. The dial is polished differently with a sunburst style, and the caseback is machine engraved. Inside the pocket watch is a Swiss ETA manually wound 6974 movement. Both the replica WW1 and replica PW1 are interesting models, but our replica Bell & Ross has traveled so far back they no longer have any place to go with these retro models.

2014 Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Replica Watches

Instead of common square watch case, the 2014 BR watch I am introducing is the round one.


The classic Bell & Ross Vintage models are beautiful and well-designed, about 36-37mm in width. The new replica BR watches are 41mm wide,quite bigger than previous ones.

So we will have at least 2 new replcia ‘Vintage’ watch lines to choose from if they want a round Bell & Ross watch. A slightly more delicate, tasteful version of our replica BR01 case and dial, but of course not square. The amazing thing about the dials is just how legible they are – and attractive. In fact, according to the co-founder and President Carlos Rosillo, the reason for Bell & Ross why Bell & Ross designs are so successful is painfully simple, but an important lesson to any watch maker. “People look at Bell & Ross watches and immediately know why they like them.” The point here is important. No education or explanation is required to appreciate these designs. Unlike many other watches they perhaps require years of horological interest or a presentation to understand what you are seeing – a Bell & Ross watch is going to be enjoyed by those who know nothing about watches. This I believe is the key to success behind all mainstream Bell & Ross timepieces.

Except  Bell & Ross Vintage Original models, there is the classier Officer model with different numerals (applied metal numerals), dial, and hands. According to Carlos, this is the classier version of the Vintage Original – which historically was the Geneva model. The differences are slight, but important. For example the case is polished versus satin finished. In fact, all of the steel is polished, including the hands and hour markers. Gone are the dauphine style hands of the original Geneva watch, but these new ones aren’t bad. I like the retention of the subsidiary seconds and date indicator that is beautifully symmetrical.

All the replica watches all have AR coated domed sapphire crystals (vintage style to look like old acrylics), and are water resistant to 100 meters. Straps are black (or brown – depending on the dial color) calf leather straps steel folding deployment clasps. While we are not able to get one Vintage Officer watch, I presume one replica is coming.


Replica Bell & Ross Watches For Pilots

As we have talked about Bell & Rose watches for military uses, I am introducing the replica Bell & Ross for pilot now.


In 2014,  traditional replica watchmaking powerhouses base their new products on pilot interpretations, while our replica Bell & Ross provided the most original timepieces inspired by aircraft instrumentation with an imaginative set of three limited edition watches

Replica Bell & Ross BRS Gold Watch – Men’s Fashion

The newly released replica Bell & Ross BRS watch is a perfect addition to the Bell & Ross line watch which is typically focused on instrument watches. With quite smaller size “39MM” than most other BR watches,  it does not feel small as it sits square on the wrist, as the case is… well square. Further, the BRS is extremely thin. This, in addition to the more manageable size makes it easier to wear with a variety of wardrobes.


The major feature of BR watches is their cases looked amazing in glossy back or white, but things got a bit confusing when you started seeing diamonds on them. Is it a man’s watch? A woman’s watch? Unisex? Honestly, It’s hard to tell, especially when Bell & Ross company doesn’t make too many watches for women. So the first BRS ceramic watch were beautiful, but not for everyone.

There is something new from BRS Gold watches, which is actually three new watches. Each one shares the profile of the BRS ceramic in dimensions and the dial design, but the character is all different. Unlike the BRS Ceramic that came with either a quartz or manually wound mechanical movement, the BRS Gold only comes with a manually would mechanical ETA Peseux 7001 caliber movement. This is a proven movement with a lot of accuracy and reliability. The fact that it is manually wound helps keep the watch case so thin.

Although the cases all look different, they are each done in gold. The first is what is called gray gold, and the other two are rose gold. Gray gold is something really interesting actually. Unlike white gold, gray gold is an alloy that does not use any nickel or palladium, but just gold, copper, silver, and manganese. It is satin finished for a machine like look that shares the luxury and elegance of white gold.

The gold and galvanic black version is obvious in its appeal with its contrasting colors, legible face and comforting looking hands. To understand the appeal of the other two, you need to look back into history and to a time when blued hands where all the rage, and luxury had a more civilized approach. Whereas today, replica luxury often takes the form of flamboyant communication and an over abundance of expensive materials. The replica BRS never loses Bell & Ross’s instrument attitude, with the exposed screws on the dial and case. The replica gray gold case matches well with the yellow custard cream dial and then again with the gray colored alligator strap. The looks is almost “fancy industrial.” The pearl white dial colored watch is very European in looks. Also, Adding functional looks with high quality materials. All of them very nice looking in their own style.

Replica Bell & Ross WW2 Military Tourbillon Watches

Bell & Rorse replica WW2 militaryDesigned to set the tempo for the first years of the twentieth century, watches had to adapt to endure the First World War. Thus, its’ functionality, reliability, precision and durability became crucial factors for its’ reputation. In order to protect the fragile glass covering the dial, some watches were protected behind fully fledged metal grilles.

With the Vintage replica WW2 Military Tourbillon –  Bell & Ross is reinterpreting this glorious watchmaking past, with an exceptional timepiece that incorporates four complications – tourbillon, precision indicator, regulator and power-reserve – a 45 mm titanium casing, equipped with a protective cover.


Made by sapphire crystal, watch glasses are pretty solid and no longer require protective covers. Tughus, the  The cover of the WW2 Military Tourbillon becomes thus an integral part of the watch, which enhances the wearer’s ability to read the dial thanks to its distinctive curves that emphasize the hands. The openings in the design of the metal reveal all of the information provided by the timepiece and its complications.

Remaining loyal to its military inspiration in giving priority to the readability of short time cycles, the WW2 Military Tourbillon features a regulator movement, a watchmaking principle whereby hours and minutes are displayed via separate dials. While the minute hand has a central axis and sweeps across the entire dial, the hour hand has a dedicated miniature dial positioned at 12 o’clock.
At the 3 o’clock position, another hand , indicates the level of precision of the movement on the basis of the tension of the barrel spring. At 9 o’clock is the power reserve indicator for five days.
Finally, the dial opens at 6 o’clock revealing the tourbillon’s pink gold “cage

A Good Replica Bell & Ross Comparison Between BR01-93 and BR01-92

bell123 bell321

Our replica BR01 watches are the most popular Bell & Ross watches, the BR01-93 and BR01-92 are the best example of them. Though they are like twins separated at birth, One went the path of luxury while the other spent their years in a discipline rich military environment. I like that two personalities can come from the same origin, and both are useful watches in their own aspect.

The BR01-93 uses an ETA 2893-2 GMT movement that is commonly used in luxury GMT watches. It has a quick one hour increment adjust feature which is good to have. The all black PVD watch in the standard PVD steel case has comfortable to read white hands and hour indicators, and that hint of orange. You still have the date window, and the overall look is quite choice. The watch comes on the functional rubber strap and looks fit for most any duty.

But for our replica BR01-92, a fashion watch, which meant to celebrate a type of gold bar. I initially wrote about the Bell & Ross Gold Ingot watch here. I finally got to check the watch out, and it is really pretty neat looking. Yes, it is in solid 18k rose gold, and yes it is a luxurious bastard, but it is still a Bell & Ross BR01, and all that comes with it. The case, dial, numeral, crown, and hands are all in gold. The dial is in a nice Clos du Paris guilloche engraved pattern that looks hip on the 46mm wide beast. I really hate to say it, but I love this watch. I am not intoxicated by the swelling amounts of gold, it is just a great looking watch with a nice black alligator strap. Sure it ‘s expensive,  but that is just part of its attitude.

rolex’s Exclusive Yacht Master replica watches review

People who know well about rolex’s unique Yacht Master replica watch creations, they would agree that this replica watch lines can be regarded as one of the most unique rolex replica watches made. The Yacht Master replica watch virtually bears some excellent characters like bigger hour markers and thicker hands. All characters can be found in the real replica watch are match in the replica watch, even though the weight of the timepiece is literally the same. They have even created the replica watch model with scratch resistant glass which, if you look after it patiently, the piece will accompany with you for years and years on end.

Designers have put in all the effort they could be to create the replica watch look quite the same as the original one. They were so engaged in this task that they have not skipped even the most trivial detail. Don’t be worried about that you are wearing a replica watch, as nobody can to tell the difference. Even the most demanding critics out there can’t tell the difference between the two models. Therefore, this will be one of your most profitable investments, however better yet it will only be your little secret.

This model comes with one of the most attractive casings. It is about 30mm wide with automatic movement. which offers you the peace of mind not to buy batteries again, since it winds by itself every time you move your wrists? Even the weight of the two models is just the same.

The only difference between the two replica watch models, which you need to pay more attention, is that the replica watch is not water resistant. It is not suggested to swim or dive with your replica watch. If you are searching for a fashionable and elegant piece of decoration then this replica watch is undoubtedly quite suitable for you.

with such a charming luxury accessory on your wrist, now you can look just as elegant as all the many famous stars out there. Besides, you must bear in mind that the replica watch also can be one of the most valuable presents for that someone that different and special in your life.