New Replica Rolex Explorer 36mm Model for Christmas

Rolex introduced the newest generation of Explorer I watches in April, models 124270 and 124273. While Rolex slightly increased the size of the other models, the Explorer I got the “back to basics” treatment by returning to a 36mm wide case size. Rolex also decided to complement the more traditional all-steel Explorer with a two-tone steel and 18K yellow gold watch, referencing the 124273 Rolesor model, which is a more premium option next to the new Explorer 124270.  
While the Rolex Explorer I 36mm makes for a fairly small sports watch, it does make for an excellent band sleeve dress watch. While the watch’s design did start out as a mountaineering watch in the 1950s, it has since become synonymous with casual luxury. In its all-brushed steel form, it excels in this regard. With the two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold look, we have something completely different: a responsible, smart office watch without the flashy connotations of a 36mm-wide Datejust.
The Explorer One isn’t the thinnest of replica watches, which means its relatively small case size doesn’t feel super small when worn on the wrist. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and the dial is topped by a flat sapphire crystal. Inside the new generation of 124270 and 124273 watches is the latest generation of Rolex’s in-house made 3230 automatic mechanical movement. Rolex uses the same movement in other three-handed dateless luxury replica watches, such as the latest generation Rolex Submariner Dateless 124060. A slightly novel feature on the dial of the Explorer I is the placement of a Rolex micro-crown below the 6 o’clock hour markers between the “Swiss Made” to designate the new generation of precision movements.
As time went on, the dial of the Rolex Explorer I became more and more appealing to me because of its focus on sportiness and readability. While it remains essentially a simple dial, the latest generation model features an outstandingly bright Chromalight luminous agent and appropriately sized hands. This dial makes it a challenge for Rolex to determine the exact hand size, something the brand has struggled with on previous generations of the Explorer I. This watch scales quite well in this regard, as Rolex rarely makes the same mistake twice.
However, even though the Explorer I looks like those fake watches of the past, Rolex will be the first to remind you that “all the parts are new”. The Explorer I has been redesigned to resemble the classic size of the original, but in a completely modern and up-to-date way. The watch’s Oyster three-link bracelet is very comfortable and matches the size of the case. It tapers to a fine point and comes with a folding clasp of the latest generation and a comfortable extension of 5 mm. Can’t you say that it is a perfect model for the coming Christmas?

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