First Dog of the United States Standing for replica watch Brand

It could be quite funny to hear that some animal, to be more exact, a dog, become the representative of a replica watch brand. However, that’s the very reality in USA now. According to the News from, the dog of the America’s first family is very fashionable, it has become the leading role of many children’s books and cartoons, and it is the hottest topic of websites. In recent days, merchants released a timepiece which comes with a portrait of Bo.

The lovely rounded face of BO is on the replica watch dial with two pink dog claws print.

Jack Gedengboge has created a series of Obama’s portrait replica watch pieces during the presidential election. In April, he planned to create this novel timepiece when Bo joined the Obamas.

This model is sold at Jack Gedengboge’s website, at the unit price of 45 dollars, among which 10% sales profits will be donated to American national canine cancer foundation.

Jack Gedengboge said that possibly this timepiece was his most successful works. He also said: “I am not currying with Obama, but I think that people are loving dogs more than president.” An excellent replica watch model that comes with a lovely dog, suerly, this is an extremely attractive scene to see. And this replica watch is also doomed to the center of people’s eyes.

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