Know more About Baume Mercier

From the 1920s, Baume Mercier has been one of the top class replica watch brands to inject the complicated designing concepts into the ladies’ replica watch designs. This kind of creating idea, at that time, had already been known as the “female’d luxurious dream” . In as early as 1896, Baume Freres) has played a pioneering role in producing ladies’ watch.

Aesthetic creation has been one of the key points of Baume Mercier’s professional skills.

From 1944 to 1978, Baume Mercier has took part in the Montres et Bijoux de Geneve replica watch and jewelry exhibition, and its marvelous creations have been expressively demonstrated in the exhibition’s Cahiers des Tendances magazine or brochure, at that time Baume Mercier had took part in the ring of brands which were all the time focusing on distinctive shape and innovative design of replica watch (such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin).

In the 1970s, in the Baden – Baden replica watch Jewelry Contest held in Dusseldorf, three Baume Mercier replica watch designs had obtained the Golden Rose Award gloriously: the Galaxie, Mimosa, and Stardust Series.

Baden – Baden replica watch Jewelry Contest began in Germany in 1969, a country which is very active in the jewelry field at that time. Each year, the Golden Rose Award will be obtained to the most innovative masterpieces of replica Watches and jewelery. Different from other replica watch competitions, Baden – Baden Golden Rose Award pays more attention to the aesthetic value and creativity of any creation. The contest is an international fashion token of the jewelry replica watch industry, the last time carried out in the 1980s.

Aesthetic creation is also the key point of Baume Mercier’s Variation Series in 1987, with its classic, smooth design, this series rapidly became a standard for high replica watch field. Baume Mercier has issued a new Variation series in 2002 of exceptional and creative design, its original idea to replace the strap according to the mood and preference of the user is really very innovative.

According to its well recognized traditions, Baume Mercier releases a special replica watch every year in order to show off their talented creativity. The challenge facing by the design studio is to provide interpretations of high-level jewelry to the brand’s star series. These outstanding replica watch models finely show off fully the superior craftsmanship of Baume Mercier’s nearly 180-year’s significent history of watch-making cause, also present expressively their permanent desire to achieve perfection and magic.

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