Replica Bell & Ross BR-123 GMT Watch Review

Some consumers state our replica BR-123 is unoriginal or call it derivative of original watches, as our replica BR-123 is an “inspired” design fueled by historic sport watches this is another well-curated treat from the French watchmaker. There is no getting around the simple fact that the BR 123 GMT 24H watch is a combination of Bell & Ross’s current round watch face design along with look of a Rolex Explorer II. Having said that, I do feel that the elements go together very well.

Our replica Bell & Ross has copied the large orange GMT hand of the Explorer II watch. Maybe I have a thing for Bell & Ross GMT watches but I equally liked the Bell & Ross BR 01-93 GMT piece that I reviewed here. The clean, legible looks of the purposeful tool-watch style and that large orange GMT hand look cool. It takes the watch into a real instrumental range making it feel like a navigational item more than a typical sport watch. The Explorer II-style steel bezel is retro-cool and adds to the vintage flair that Bell & Ross is known for playing with successfully.


A keen eye is required to notice as many smaller details as possible that make our BR-123 collection unique. One important element is the sapphire crystal which sits over the dial like a bowl similar to old acrylic crystals. This is a unique touch that I don’t recall seeing on previous BR 123 models, and it works particularly well with the bezel style.

The 42mm wide steel case is polished up nicely and it contrasts well with the brushed steel non-rotating GMT bezel. The bezel is thin which works well to emphasize the size of the dial and this is the first time Bell & Ross has emulated this bezel design in their watches. The bezel is also the only place to bear the 24 hour indicators leaving the dial relatively clean.

By now, more and more our customers associate this dial style with Bell & Ross, which is marked by the aviator style. In honor of further promoting legibility Bell & Ross correctly finished the hour markers with a brushed polish versus a more reflective mirror polish. This is exactly what helps dials offer more readability because it reduces glare and helps the eye spot the indexes in most lighting situations.

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